Overcoming and Defeating Alcoholism – Sean Douglas on Break Down the Wall Radio Episode 3

Overcoming and Defeating Alcoholism is one of the most difficult battles that anyone can ever have. On this episode of Break Down the Wall Radio I interview Sean Douglas, Air Force Resilience Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Author as he shares the story of his two-year battle and ultimate triumph over alcoholism.  In his darkest moment, Sean […]

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Inspiration and Motivational Music from Canadian Recording Artist, Bren Dube.

Episode Number One Bren Dube, Musician and Positive Mindset Influencer In this, the premier episode of Break Down the Wall Radio, I interview Canadian Musician and motivational music singer and song writer, Bren Dubé. Bren shares his story of triumph over alcoholism and his transformation into an influencer of positive change in people’s lives. His songs […]

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