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Three Signature Talks to Meet Any Need

Bearj Jehanian – National Motivational Speaker, Author and Trainer

Break Down the Walls to BUSINESS SUCCESS

You likely wish you could be more successful, but there seems to be a wall you can’t get past which prevents you from taking the necessary steps to take your self, your family and your business to the next level. That wall may be built from fear, a poor self-image, bad past experiences or more. With humor, energy and wisdom, in his signature talk Bearj arms his you and your team with the tools needed to Break Down the Walls to Success.                                                                                                   

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Break Down the Walls to COLLEGE SUCCESS

Most college students feel lost when it comes to having a strategy to succeed and preparing to enter the business world has taken on new meaning in today’s tough economy. There is more pressure on students to succeed than ever before. Bearj’s passion for helping young people shines as he shares the success strategies that will give your college students a success launch pad to succeed in college and into the business world.                                                             

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Break Down the Walls to STUDENT SUCCESS

In today’s fast paced and social media-centric world, students face more pressure to succeed and more pressure from their peers than ever before. Learning to balance how to fit in with how to be successful, while living in a social media fishbowl, is a challenge than many students have a major struggle with. Bearj’s 28 years of teaching has made him an expert at connecting with students. His practical and simple approach gives student the tools they need to build a foundation for success they can build upon.

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"Break Down the Walls to Success"
Scheduled for Release This Summer!