Break Down the Walls to College Success

“Break Down the Walls to College Success” is designed to help college students bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a part of the working world and give them an incredible foundation of self-belief and a positive attitude to build a successful life upon.


While most students are focused on survival, Bearj empowers students to thrive, with his three pillars of success: Believe - Decide - Act. Bearj teaches students how to activate each of these fundamental pillars to Student Success to enjoy success as a student and as they transition to the business world.


The challenges faced by today's college students are littered with both uncertainty and opportunity. Many place their self-worth in the immediate ability to be successful in school and in their short-term chances of getting a job right after graduation. Having an unshakable attitude for success by accepting that they have complete control over their future is an essential part of Bearj's "College Success" talk.


Developing a habit of positive self-talk as college students make the transition to the business world, not only sets them up for success, but also adds their value in the business world. Bearj focuses on simple tools and daily practices college students can implement to experience immediate success to transform their attitude to one of consistent success.

Be All In

Hope and dreams are the birthplace of success. But they can also be the place where success goes to die. Action is the bedrock of success, however in order to take the kind of action necessary for success, you must be throw in all your chips. Most, lack the confidence to have an all in attitude. in this talk, Bearj connects the dots between the three pillars of success to show students how to always be ALL IN!

How to Project Confidence and Posture

How do students project posture and confidence as they transition from college to the business world and encounter business people who are seasoned professionals while they are still inexperienced amateurs? Confidence and posture aren't a byproduct of experience, they're a product of how you feel about yourself and your ability to succeed. Bearj focuses on how to become a person who feels confident all the time, even in times of uncertainty.

Building a success network

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author, Robert Kiyosaki, said “Your net worth is determined by your network.” Although most people nod their heads in agreement, few know how to develop a success network around themselves. In his “Break Down the Walls to College Success” talk, Bearj teaches not only teaches students how to develop their success network, but also who they should and should not add to their success network.