January 20, 2017

Overcoming and Defeating Alcoholism – Sean Douglas on Break Down the Wall Radio Episode 3

Overcoming and Defeating Alcoholism is one of the most difficult battles that anyone can ever have. On this episode of Break Down the Wall Radio I interview Sean Douglas, Air Force Resilience Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Author as he shares the story of his two-year battle and ultimate triumph over alcoholism. 

In his darkest moment, Sean wanted to take his own life. But when he finally found his passion and purpose in life, he saw light instead of darkness. He found his significance in the world. He found his love of helping others, developing strong minds and teaching others to have the resilience that he discovered. Sean’s energy is infectious and his positive mindset is contagious.

This episode is all about overcoming, when the odds are stacked against you. It’s about taking action and refusing to give up. It’s about rediscovering your passion when you think there’s nothing left to live for. Watch and rediscover your passion and purpose.

You can do anything you decide to do. That’s what Sean’s book, “Decisions” is all about. Don’t live you life by accident, live you life by design. You have the power to change your path with the decisions your make. Let today, be the first day of the new life of happiness you create for your self with your decisions!

Tune in LIVE this Monday at 7:00 pm, when I interview Legendary High School Basketball Coach, Jim Johnson, who changed the life of his team’s autistic student manager, by his kind-hearted decision to dress him in the final game of the season and ultimately put him in the final moments of the game. Click here to watch the video of the miraculous thing that happened next.