December 2, 2014


We all like to fit in, to be a part of a group, or play a role in something bigger than ourselves.  It’s human nature.  For most, the clothes we wear, the way we speak, what we watch on TV, what we do in our leisure time, and the company we keep, all speak volumes to the social group of which we are a part.  But as in most things, when we go along with the masses, we get lost in the crowd.  We become average or normal, and that is NEVER good.  So why not buck the trend.  Do something different.  Go against the grain.

Okay, Bearj.  What’s your point?

It’s the beginning of December and it’s time to review your year and how it went.  Did you achieve your 2013 goals?  Did you have goals for 2013?  Were they written down, with a firm date as a target?  If so, did you review the goals daily, weekly, monthly?  If you did….all of that…you probably achieved an extraordinary amount more than the normal, average, go-with-the-flow masses.  If you did some or none, then your chance of success decreased exponentially.

So what’s with the “buck the trend” talk?

1. The trend is that most people don’t have clearly defined written goals that they  review on a daily or weekly basis, and therefore never achieve their ultimate goal.  They lay blame on external factors, when the true responsibility lies within them and their inaction.

2. The trend is to create a New Year Resolution at the beginning of January.  This is more of a wish list.  A goal that is not written, and has no date as it’s target is exactly that….a wish.  How many wish lists have you had in your life.  We fantasize about them almost daily.

3. The trend is that most people take action on their “wish list” in January, and by February, the romance of attaining whatever prize associated with it is gone and swept aside for current life distractions.  You know what I mean.  Social media, the latest television show, or  computer games.  None of which make you a better person.

4. The trend is to act, before you believe you can achieve.  After all, in every one of the past February’s you have abandon your resolution.  When you don’t build a firm foundation for belief that will take you through the difficult times that come with working toward ANY goal, it becomes easy and seems practical to abandon.

So, this time buck the trend.  BEGIN NOW, by building a foundation for believe if yourself.  Write clearly defined written goals and review them daily.  You need target , so attach a date to each goal.  As Les Brown says, “it’s better to shoot for the stars and hit the moon, than to aim for the ground and hit it.”

Take Action Now: Review 2013.  Decide what you need to change. Write clearly defined goals with a date.  START NOW.  Don’t go with the flow and wait until January 1.  If you are serious, you will DO IT NOW.  Believe, Decide, Act.

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