May 15, 2015


When I was a kid, the use of auto focus cameras became popular. They made it easy to take pictures and exercise a little creativity. But if you didn’t understand the concept of having your subject be the target of focus, many times the wrong part of the picture was in focus, leaving the subject of the photograph out of it. My mom was notorious for doing this. In any family photos she took, my sisters and I would always be blurry, but the dead tree in the background would look amazing!

We (hopefully) do this correctly when we drive, by looking where we want to go, and not into the telephone pole or tree on the side of the road. But, when we are taking our life-long journey, we take our eyes off the destination and allow the smallest things to distract us.

Imagine yourself going on a much needed family vacation, when you receive a call from a work colleague informing you of an issue at your office. It’s likely you will refer them to someone else who can take care of the issue, or at worst, take just a few moments to instruct the caller how to handle it. Either way, you ate going on that vacation!

But when it comes to life goals, we take our focus off of our target and our vision becomes blurred, causing us to loose sight of our goals. Watch today’s video to find out how to keep your goals in focus.

Bearj Jehanian is a Maximum Potential Speaker and Trainer.  Through a combination of inspiration and online tools, Bearj inspires his audiences to build a foundation of belief, to support a decision to act on any idea and bring it to completion. Believe, Decide, Act.  You can find out more about Bearj here.