Tomorrow, I have to speak to a room full of people, and I am scared to death. Please let me die before tomorrow. I think it would be easier!

~ Amen, Nervous Business Owner


If the thought of getting up in front of more than a few people to speak makes your stomach churn and head spin, and sends you on your knees to the nearest waste basket or mini ceramic swimming pool, then keep reading.

I know, I know, you’re not good in front of a crowd. I’m definitely not going to try and convince you that you are. The reality is that you probably s**k at public speaking. I just want you to know that it’s okay if you do. And, if you have read this far, it’s probably because, from time to time you have to do some public speaking and you think it would be nice if you weren’t so freaked out about it. Does this sound like you? Consider these three things:

It’s okay if you s**k!

The reality, most of it is in your mind. We aren’t nearly as bad as we think we are. We’re our own greatest critics. We pick apart everything we do. Accept yourself for current skill level and believe that you can improve. But, most likely, you aren’t being asked to speak because of your great oratory skills. It’s because you have important content to deliver. Focus on your content not your delivery, and it gets easier. Remember, it doesn’t matter how you get your point across, as long as you get your point across!

Know your first sentence.

This alone will help you feel much better about speaking. Think of it like pushing a snowball down a hill. Once you get going your talk will build up steam and take on a life of its own. As long as you are prepared for your topic, after you get past that first sentence the rest should take care of itself.

Practice by recording yourself.

This is huge. Most people use recordings to pick apart their talk, and when it sounds subpar they’re disappointed. The real reason to record and listen to yourself is to become used to hearing you own voice. When we speak in front of room, we become highly cognizant of the sound of our own voice and it can kind of freak us out! So record yourself and play it back. Then do it again and again. Over time you will get used to hearing yourself speak and thus feel more comfortable when you speak live.

These tips won’t make the nerves disappear. After more than 28 years of speaking in front of a room, I still get nervous giving a talk. But I’m glad for the nerves. It forces me to prepare better.

Use these tips, and if you like them please give me a thumbs up!

Bearj Jehanian is a Maximum Potential Speaker, Motivator, Trainer and creator of SECONDSTO GREATNESS. For more great content from Bearj, Please