Bearj Jehanian


Live Training Webinar

I created this delivered this live webinar using PowerPoint and WebinarJam. The purpose was to teach entrepreneurs art of attracting prospects and clients.

Promotional Video for Speaking Engagements

This is a marketing video I created and edited using Camtasia video editing software. This is the marketing video I am currently using to promote my speaking business.


Free Training Video - After Opt In

This is a training video I created, recorded and edited using EasyVSL, PowerPoint and Camtasia. The training functioned as a marketing tool to attract public speaking clients.


Whiteboard Explainer Video

This video was created for the purpose of marketing my public speaker coaching services and send clients to opt in to receive the Free Training Video Above.


Training PowerPoint #2 (Video Representation)

This is a video representation of the PowerPoint slide deck I wrote and created for Stream Gas and Electric sales associate. The purpose was to teach them how to attract customers who may ultimately become a sales associate on their team. I delivered the training live.


Training PowerPoint #1 (Video Representation)

I created this basic training for new Stream Gas and Electric Sales Associates to instruct them how to build their team through warm and cold marketing techniques.


Training PowerPoint #3 (Video Representation)

This is another PowerPoint I designed to train Stream Gas and Electric Sales Associates. This training teaches associates how to quickly qualify and prioritize their list of prospects.


Training PowerPoint #4 (Video Representation)

Created to depict a visual timeline to Stream Sales Associates to guide them through the process of promoting from a newly Qualified Director to Senior Director.


Marketing Video for Facebook

I created and designed this video using Camtasia to market a Facebook live stream show.


Live Event Marketing Video

I created this video using Camtasia Video Editing Software. The purpose of the video was to drive people to a live event for Stream Gas and Electric. I embeded an existing video clip that would be used at the live event to promote the event itself.